Carla Flournoy Green [Selected clippings]

California city confiscates toilets from homeless residents – forcing them to use buckets
September, 2017. Written piece. The Guardian.

Some Uber drivers make so little, they have to live in their cars
July, 2017. Audio piece. KCRW.

I’m Only a Dad
June, 2017. Audio piece. UnFictional.

Drivers left behind as Uber promises change at the top
June, 2017. Written piece. The Guardian.

LA homeless survey helps service groups plan and budget
April, 2017. Audio piece. Marketplace.

Los Angeles students to use theater to prepare for anti-immigrant crackdowns
March, 2017. Audio piece. FSRN.

What’s it like to be homeless? A survey aims to find out
March, 2017. Audio piece. KCRW.

Counting America’s hidden homeless
February, 2017. Written piece. Al Jazeera.

Why Skid Row is trying to get its own neighborhood council
January, 2017. Audio piece. KCRW.

Los Angeles plans for spending $1.2 billion to help homeless
January, 2017. Audio piece. Marketplace.

US Elections 2016: Vote in Skid Row, Los Angeles
November, 2016. Audio piece. Radio France International.

California’s prop 47: Has it helped African Americans?
November, 2016. Written piece. Al Jazeera.

Los Angeles voters face controversial ballot initiative on medical marijuana regulations
November, 2016. Audio piece. FSRN.

California pot industry divided over ballot legalization measure
August, 2016. Audio piece. FSRN.

Los Angeles Black Lives Matter activists demand police chief be fired
July, 2016. Audio piece. FSRN.

Théorie du genre humain
Une couille dans le podcast. Juin, 2016. Épisode de podcast. ARTE Radio.

Black Lives Matter activist sentenced on felony ‘lynching’ charges
June, 2016. Audio piece. FSRN.

US Primaries: How migrant workers see it
June, 2016. Audio piece. Radio France International.

Blowing hot and cold
A storm is brewing in Blueskin Bay, where the community is deeply divided over a wind farm project. March, 2016. Written piece. The Otago Daily Times.

A change in view
How an apolitical suburban mum came to protest. March, 2016. Video/written piece. The Wireless.

Research freedom an open question
About half of the University of Otago’s agricultural research is funded by industry. Is all that money having an undue influence on research findings – and what gets researched in the first place? Reporter Carla Green investigates. February, 2016. Written piece. The Otago Daily Times.

Trans-Pacific Partnership signed in New Zealand
Protesters include indigenous Maori. February, 2016. Audio piece. FSRN.

Frustration as TVs dumped, not recycled
Almost 3000 television sets are thrown into the Green Island landfill each year, 42 times the number recycled at the facility. January, 2016. Written piece. The Otago Daily Times.

There is room in Davy Jones’ locker
Every year in New Zealand, two or three people are buried at sea. As new regulations come into force barring sea burials in all but five places around the country, Carla Green takes a look at what it means to rest in peace under the waves. January, 2016. Written piece. The Otago Daily Times.

New Zealand has a dark secret, female politicians say
December, 2015. Audio piece. The World.

Overseas student’s health care struggle
The University of Otago is pouring money and resources into attracting international students, but is it taking care of students once they get here? Carla Green reports on one student’s nightmare experience with a health insurance bureaucracy. November, 2015. Written piece. The Otago Daily Times.

Judge orders New Zealand to comply with information request regarding TPP negotiations
October, 2015. Audio piece. FSRN.

Where have the student radicals gone?
The University of Otago Students’ Association has grown too cosy with the university, leaving students without a voice and ending the association’s long history of radical political action, some critics say. September, 2015. Written piece. The Otago Daily Times.

What would it look like to decriminalize sex work? Just ask New Zealand.
September, 2015. Written piece. Bitch.

New Zealand Isn’t Taking the Trans-Pacific Partnership Laying Down
August, 2015. Written piece. VICE.

New Zealand: nationwide actions protest controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership
Thousands of protesters are taking to the streets across New Zealand, calling on their country to “walk away” from negotiations of the TPP. August, 2015. Audio piece. FSRN.

The New Zealand Man Trying to Draw Attention to the Abduction of a Syrian Schoolteacher
July, 2015. Written piece. VICE.

Behind the handlebars: South Dunedin by bike
What’s it like exploring the South Dunedin Cycle Network for the first time? Reporter Carla Green – a newcomer to the city – grabbed a map and hopped on her bike last week to find out. July, 2015. Multimedia piece. The Otago Daily Times.

Polytech mulls more drug testing
Otago Polytechnic is considering drug and alcohol testing for most students and staff, after almost 100 engineering students were tested for drugs earlier this year. May, 2015. Written piece. The Otago Daily Times.

Trying to keep the noise down
In the past year, Dunedin’s noise control team dealt with 3625 complaints and seized almost 200 speakers and stereos. Reporter Carla Green followed after-hours noise control officers around on a Saturday night to see how they function. May, 2015. Written/audio piece. The Otago Daily Times.

New Zealand city to divest from fossil fuels
Almost a year ago, international headlines hailed Dunedin as the first New Zealand city to divest from fossil fuels. Now, that title will finally be deserved – almost. May, 2015. Audio piece. FSRN.

Going barefoot
April, 2015. Audio piece. The Wireless.

‘You sign it because you’re hard up’
Unions are fighting them, employers say they do not exist. March, 2015. Written piece. The Otago Daily Times.

The Right to Disassembly
How an amendment smothered the right to protest in Montreal. March, 2015. Written piece. The Awl.

What You Need To Know: The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA)
March, 2015. Written piece. Critic Te Arohi.

#10: The French Connection
Producer Carla Green speaks to reporter Jean-Marc Manach, who, in the early 90’s, made a living posing as a woman in sex chat rooms on the Minitel. January, 2015. Podcast episode. Reply All.

New Zealand opens coastal waters to deep sea drilling
New Zealanders with “heads in the sand” over climate change. December, 2014. Audio piece. FSRN.

Canada signs into law a new sex work law to replace one struck down as unconstitutional
November, 2014. Audio piece. FSRN.

Montréal activists hold anti-racist soccer tournament
July, 2014. Audio piece. CKUT 90.3fm.

Thousands face water shut-offs in Detroit
June, 2014. Audio piece. FSRN.

Canada: People’s March for Mother Earth
430 miles along pipelines’ path. June, 2014. Audio piece. FSRN.

Protesters stand against police violence in peaceful rally
Tensions high as heavy police presence leads to two arrests. May, 2014. Written piece. The McGill Daily.

Reclaiming the Commons
Montréal’s St. Henri Neighborhood. May, 2014. Audio piece. Making Contact Radio.

The student role in gentrification
Downtown hotels to be converted to residences. February, 2014. Written piece. The McGill Daily.

Deepan Budlakoti, an Ottawa-born man facing deportation
February, 2014. Audio piece. CKUT 90.3fm.

Canadian government denies citizenship to Ottawa-born man
Deepan Budlakoti finds himself in bureaucratic limbo. January, 2014. Written piece. The McGill Daily.

Living on a runway
An exploration of catcalls and the violence that lies behind them. January, 2014. Audio/written piece. The McGill Daily/CKUT 90.3fm.

Motion against bylaw P-6 fails
Protesters rally against P-6 at City Hall. April, 2013. Written piece. The McGill Daily.

The Canadian Armed Forces forms a partnership with a Nova Scotia community radio station
April, 2013. Audio piece. GroundWire News.

Unwraveling an inside look at the mining industry
Panel discussion with Marie-Dominique Langlois from PAQG, Cree activist/musician Pakesso Mukash, and environmental activist Cleve Higgins. March, 2013. Audio panel. CKUT 90.3fm.

An emergency action in Toronto is planned in response to the death of a homelessness man
February, 2013. Audio piece. GroundWire News.

Math conference highlights lack of women in faculty
January, 2013. Written piece. The McGill Daily.

Mohawk Traditional Council declines to endorse Idle No More
Role of Assembly of First Nations questioned. January, 2013. Written piece. The McGill Daily.

Montréal joins in on the #IdleNoMore movement
Saskatchewan-born First Nations movement arrives in Québec. December, 2012. Audio piece. CKUT 90.3fm.

Occupy Montréal reunites in St. Henri
Activists discuss Turcot, education. September, 2012. Audio/written piece. The McGill Daily/CKUT 90.3fm.