i report mostly for the guardian and kcrw these days. you can find a (more) complete list of my work below.


living with john fahey aka a room full of flowers
may, 2019. podcast episode. lost notes.

march, 2019. podcast episode. unfictional.


friends in juggalo places
march, 2019. podcast episode. unfictional.

big sur: the secret road
march, 2018. podcast episode. unfictional.

march, 2018. podcast episode. unfictional.
* la press club award for best radio documentary, 2018.

episode 279: the containment plan
october, 2017. podcast episode. 99% invisible.

i’m only a dad
june, 2017. audio piece. unfictional.

#10: the french connection
january, 2015. podcast episode. reply all.


LA’s homeless report a rise in hostility
october, 2019. audio piece. kcrw.

For many homeless Angelenos, the gym is critical to survival
september, 2019. audio piece. kcrw.

LAPD wants more volunteers, but not everyone's on board
september, 2019. audio piece. kcrw.

Grocery employees say their wages and benefits aren’t keeping up with the economy
july, 2019. audio piece. kcrw.

‘they throw away your food. my god, we’re homeless people.’
june, 2019. audio piece. kcrw.


anxiety at the border as one crossing closes
november, 2018. audio piece. kcrw.

as gardens spring up in skid row some cry gentrification
september, 2018. audio piece. kcrw.

a vigil for joe reyes shines a light on dying homeless
september, 2018. audio piece. kcrw.

your home, your right… my business?
june, 2018. audio piece. making contact.

homeless sweeps leave some with nothing
january, 2018. audio piece. kcrw.

some uber drivers make so little, they have to live in their cars
july, 2017. audio piece. kcrw.
* edward r murrow regional award for best hard news story, 2017.

la homeless survey helps service groups plan and budget
april, 2017. audio piece. marketplace.

los angeles students to use theater to prepare for anti-immigrant crackdowns
march, 2017. audio piece. fsrn.


what’s it like to be homeless? a survey aims to find out
march, 2017. audio piece. kcrw.

why skid row is trying to get its own neighborhood council
january, 2017. audio piece. kcrw.

los angeles plans for spending $1.2 billion to help homeless
january, 2017. audio piece. marketplace.

us elections 2016: vote in skid row, los angeles
november, 2016. audio piece. radio france international.



drivers left behind as uber promises change at the top
june, 2017. written piece. the guardian

counting america’s hidden homeless
february, 2017. written piece. al jazeera.

california’s prop 47: has it helped african americans?
november, 2016. written piece. al jazeera.

the right to disassembly
march, 2015. written piece. the awl.